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Terraria Calamity Mod Wiki

Terraria Calamity Mod Wiki

Terraria Calamity Mod Wiki

Calamity is a hard mode-boss that fought the Brimstone Elemental or Skeleton Prime in the night. If Providence, the Profaned Goddess, becomes overcome and her brothers ‘strength and loss improved, she will continue to lose Bloodstone. She will be even more complicated.


Calamity is not spawning by itself and demands that the player call it during the night with the Hand of Desolation.

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Calamity can mainly act as Retinazer and attack the player with lasers. She can call demons and her brothers to support her at various points during the fight.


Phase 1

Acts as Retinazer except more efficient, shooting lasers from Brimstone, which debuff the flames from Brimstone, and speed up the flight. After 1 second, lasers are divided into three fast lasers, which start homing after a few seconds. Divided lasers that move through walls, but the original lasers do not restore their entire health until Calamity exceeds 75% of her health.

Phase 2

  • Calamity becomes angry and starts to fire Brimstone Hellfireballs, which, along with its normal laser attack, intensify over time and explode in touch with tiles. As her wellbeing drops, Calamity burns stronger.
  • She summoned her fleshy buddy Cataclysm to cross 70 percent of her current safety slot. Cataclysm alternates three cycles between breathing a flame retardant and charging the player.
  • Very soon after spawning, Cataclysm will shoot nothing to avoid low-cost hits.
  • When the wellbeing of Calamity hits 50%, it calls a five-strong soul searching circle around it. Although Soul seekers are present, identity seekers are routinely spawned by laser-firing. Life Seekers ‘spawn rate is proportional to the number of Soul Seekers left.
  • If the wellbeing of Calamity is up to 40%, she names Catastas, the metallic uncle. The tragedy will alternate between spraying bumper balls and attacking the player four times easily.
  • Very long after spawning, nothing will be shot, to prevent cheap hits.
  • Once the wellbeing of Calamity hits 10%, she must eventually restore both her parents.

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In Expert Mode

The brothers of Calamity Should be vanquished for fair failure.

The strike and fire more violently by Calamity and her brothers.

In Revenge Mode

  • Horror debuffs in touch with Calamity and her family. Marked also is marked by her parents.
  • Calamity assaults and shots even more violently on her parents.

Terraria Calamity Mod Wiki

In Death Mode

  • In death mood, More vigorously fires the Calamity.

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  • When the enemies were killed, deep cells and Lumenyl fell in the Abyss.
  • In the surrounding Plenty Mush at the Abyss, Tenebris will continue to spread.
  • The Deep Wonder will continue to market the Bandit.
  • It is possible to get the floodtide by fishing.
  • Solar Veils will continue to fall off from Reapers and Psychos.
  • The same happens if the Calamitas are overthrown.
  • Water aberrations and bacteria continue to breed in the water.
  • The same happens if the Calamitas are overthrown.


  • By spinning Calamitas around with platforms, you can avoid a lot of the attacks.
  • The brothers of Calamitas will overpower you easily, particularly in revenge or death mode, so that they deal with you as quickly as possible.
  • Melee weapons that can quickly destroy Calamitas fire missiles such as the Ark of the Ancients and the Claymore Catastrophe.
  • Because of its high damage production and ability to inflict ichor, the Chlorophyte Shotbow combined with Icicle Arrows is an excellent choice for the rangers.
  • For Calamitas and her family, the Brimrose Staff is a versatile all-round magic device.

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